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“That old fire engine sure brings back memories,” muttered a middle aged man that was visiting the museum.

“Evansburg used to have a kid’s horse club and after each event all the kids would have a horse race across town to the fire engine. The first kid to ring the bell of the engine, won the race. I don’t think we were suppose to ring the bell, as some of the adults would complain. Evansburg didn’t get a siren until 1960, before that all we had was the bell. I still remember that feeling of excitement when I got to ring that bell.”

He then looked under the old bell and its clanger was missing. We pondered together who would do such at thing, kids, teenagers, an old grouch who was sick of the clanging? If you happen to know the whereabouts of the missing part, please call us. Let’s get that old bell ringing again!

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I Remember- Tales from the Museum

I Remember- Tales from the Museum

Posted By on Feb 11, 2017


                 A Little Bee Won’t Hurt Ya!

My father was a hard worker.  When I was eight or nine years old he was contracted to fell trees and clean out roots for the locals. I was expected to help my father and I wasn’t excited about it. I grudgingly dragged myself out to the field and started to move branches to the side of the field.

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